Graduation Diaries

Its always refreshing to celebrate the growth of a loved one. Today was my cousin Juanita's graduation and I had to be present to support her, its a beautiful feeling to see someone you grow up with succeed and advance. I decided to dress super elegant and preppy but also colourful, I paired this neon blouse with white flare pants, a statement necklace and heeled sandals. My aunties also showed out at the graduation, representing Nija, they came perfectly dressed in Nigerian "Bubus". It was indeed a lovely day.

Vintage Vanity.

Yesterday, I went out on a coffee date with someone I met recently. I know a "coffee date" sounds weird, but it's the most casual way to get to know someone and really talk. I decided to dress casually. There is nothing more casual than jeans (you can dress jeans as up or down as you fancy). I styled it with this vintage shirt I got from Retrocode a Nigerian vintage platform. I absolutely love this shirt because I love bright colours and I love silk. As usual, I paired it with a brightly coloured Massimoni Castelli handbag (bright accessories are slowly becoming my trademark). PS: Bill's cafe restaurant in soho is a perfect spot to hang out and drink coffee ;)

Shirt - RetroCode
Jeans - Newlook
Sandals - Primark 

Being Nigerian || Back to my roots

I am Nigerian! I love Nigerian culture, food and especially fashion. This outfit is the "Iro and buba", very popular amongst Nigerians, I added a modern twist to the "buba" by knotting the front bit. My cousin is graduating soon, and to celebrate, we had a little get together at hers. Since it was super casual, I thought it'd be a perfect day to wear this. I also left my natural hair out. I think I look very traditional. What do you think?

Breakfast Clubbers

Since its summer time and the work load for uni has reduced, I have a lot more spare time to meet up with friends. Over the weekend, I brunched with one of my oldest friends at the breakfast club. We had a nice meal and catch up session. As you get older, it's harder to maintain friendships, but I am trying to hold on to the friends I make. If you are an early riser, the breakfast club is definitely somewhere you should try at least once! Denim is definitely back in, and I love this Denim jumpsuit from Zara. As usual, I paired it off with a brightly coloured handbag!

                                                             Jumpsuit- Zara
                                                             Bag- Zara
                                                             Heels- Zara


                                                                                                                                                          Photo Cred- Jasmine DB
                                                                                                                                                 Creative Director - Juanita DB

Touring and Family

I've lived between London and various other cities for the past 5 years, so it's a bit surprising that I've never toured the major attractions in London. Last Friday, the fam and I decided to walk around Greater London. We met up at Waterloo and started with (the very obvious) London eye. 

 Seeing as London eye is right there on the south bank, we stayed a bit and watched street acts that are very common there (my favourite was sighting jack sparrow: see video below). 

We then crossed Westminster bridge to see Big Ben and afterwards walked down to trafalgar square. If you've never seen these attractions in London, I suggest you do since they are amongst the major tourist attractions in a city with so much history.  At this point, we were tired, sore and super hot (one of the hottest days in London this year).  We walked back to south bank to sit on the grass, eat and talk. I had some nice Spanish paella (hola espana!). Because it was hot and I knew we would be walking for hours, I wore a jumpsuit and comfortable sandals. I still have a bunch of places left to tour, so we may have to do another family tourist day soon.