Today I'm loving! Prints!!!

I'm keeping my word and making sure I compose a post when I am inspired by or really love a trend. Today I'm loving the patterns and prints trend. Prints have been in existence for a long time but they are just making their way into the fashion scene, more and more high end labels are carrying them and high street stores have taking their twist on them I guess its never late too discover a fabulous trend. These are some fabulous finds from H&M

Today I'm loving!!! Statement blazers


Today, I'm loving! The structured skirt trend!!

A moment of silence for the structured skirts.. Traditional skirt were getting boring, kudos to the fashion designers for coming up with this genius. 

Today I'm loving!!! Blue!

This season I'm loving blue. Blue seems like the colour of the season, neon blue, electric blue blue blue.. The weather makes me love how the colour adds an extra egde to clothes. Blue does it for me this season. Here are some bits and bobs from & Other Stories and Zara.

  &Other Stories

Today I'm loving! high low and cut away trend!

 Ahhh! of all trends this season, the high low and cut away/side slit trend has left a lasting impression on me. Jennifer Lopez brought the cut away trend back to live at the grammy's and it has been on an upwards slope ever since. Although it could be a hit or miss, I am featuring a few of my favourite bits from high street stores. The high low trend on the other hand exudes class when made correctly or can give an outfit a fun fresh look.

Today I'm loving! Classic Zara heels!!!

Thought I should start a new segment called "today I'm loving", as a shopaholic I tend to love certain styles, today I am loving the classic Zara shoes. In recent times they have come to be less pricy and more attractive as Zara has incorporated colours which have added flair to their new line, I guess its bring on the summer colours for them and I'm loving it!

Cheeky tourism

The next day we went on a cheeky walk through the Jordaan in hopes of finding organic fruits to purchase, after that we went to the Rijksmuseum which had just reopened (we hoped to visit the Van Gogh museum but it was closed for renovation), then we visited Rembrandt House, an art gallery that celebrated Rembrandt. We also visited The Anne Frank House (her story is truly inspirational) and ended up in an awesome little Italian restaurant.

Before the madness

At the bus stop
Right before the madness, my cousin and I decided to go into town to shop, we went with the local means of transportation as we insisted on experiencing Amsterdam like the locals (we had initially decided to ride bicycles but I was too chicken to hit the road). Map and tram card in hand we ventured into town to shop. I’m wearing- Zara Turtle Neck, Newlook Print Trousers, H&M Collar and Zara Bag.

On the tram (Jolly)
Was able to get bit and bobs from h & m

IAmsterdam indeed

My cousin and I thought it was fun to form the shape of each letter to IAmsterdam..haha this was so much fun