The Black edit - Camo girl

This Second look is the camo schoolgirl look, this is one if my favourite ones and it was super fun putting this together. You can rock this look with tights for a subtler look and add a hat to it for fun. The theme speaks for itself. Enjoy! 

Jasmine's Crop top- Newlook, Similar
Skirt- Asos, Similar
Knee high socks- Asos
Shoes- Converse
Jacket- Vintage store

                                                                                                                                                              Photo Cred - 8thSpiff

The Denim Edit! - The Basic Jane

Before the last of the warm weather goes away and the cold winter days return my cousins and I thought we could take a bunch of photos with ideas of outfits. These coming weeks, I'll post an outfit with a theme. This one is called the basic Jane, simple,easy and fresh. Enjoy! 

                                Juanita's Top & Boots - Newlook
                                               Bottoms- Vintage store
                                             Bag- Nine West
                                            Jewellery- Forever21 

*For my UK folks throw on a warm fuzzy jacket to upgrade this look 


                                                                                                                                                     Photo Cred - 8thSpiff

Yummy pancakes.... *warning this post may cause your mouths to water.

I was in London over the weekend and my cousin offered to take me to a pancake house. I had always wanted to visit a pancake house but never had the chance to as the village I lived in (Hull) did not have one. It was a beautiful day out and I absolutely enjoyed myself. Thanks Jubugss. Enjoy!  

                            Blabbing on waiting for our food (didn't take long) 

                                      The milkshakes were ok!  

                  Ahhhh we started with the savoury pancakes, yummyyy! 

                               forever a sweettooth (I lovedddd this one)

    Im wearing, Dress - Missguided
                    Necklace - Zara.
                 Bag- Zara (old)
                                      Juanita is wearing, Crop top - Newlook
                                                                     Jacket - Vintage

Jasmine Dress

#Lazyweekendchorerun! It was one of those " I want to be comfortable but still feel pretty" kind of days lol, we all have them. Well I went out for the usual chore run and decided to look cute and comfy. I love this Asos swing dress, I love the print on it and how comfortable it is to throw on. Paired with Zara heels and accessories, it was an easy breezy kind of day. Enjoy! 

       Dress - Asos
       Shoes - Zara,
        Necklace - Zara.

                                                                                                                                                              Photo Cred - Jasmine DB