#Weekender #whirlwind #weddingsaturday!

This weekend was what we call a whirlwind weekend, it was my best-friends birthday that saturday so we spent the weekend with my sister Kariba "The Fun One" and her beau. That weekend was awesome from #funfriday, the usual clubbing.. haha, to #weddingsaturday and #visitthebrothersunday ... lol it was so much fun but I tried my best to snag some photos. Enjoy!

                                               My jumpsuit: H&M
                                                   Neckpiece: Mango

                                          Habiba's DressTailored Ankara

                                Kariba's Dress: Asos 
                                              Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Face of with my sisters!                                

Lets go to the beach, each, lets go get away.

I am sure everyone knows how it feels to lose track of time. Keeping an account of my activities has not been as easy as I thought it would be as I travelled bicontinental all summer.

On my travels I was fortunate enough to visit Lagos, Nigeria. My best mate lives in Lagos and since we only get to see once a year, I had to see her. Long story short we ended up at the beach with Ify one of our close friends, beaches in Nigeria are funnnnnn, they are warm, sandy and everything you dream a beach should feel like… This was the  best part of my summer holiday. Enjoy!




                                            Jumpsuit – Primark.

#Weddingsaturday #Lagoslife.

There’s a wedding every weekend in Lagos and “Lagosians” are up to par with jollification. Lagosians sometimes attend more than one wedding each weekend, going from hall to hall celebrating with each couple and wishing them the best. The Lagos life is fast, busy and energetic, weekdays are workdays and the weekend begins on Friday. On my visit, I tagged along with my sister Kariba to one of the infamous Saturday weddings and had a jolly good time. Enjoy! 


                                     My Blouse- Virgos Lounge Similar,
                                     Skirt-Asos Similar,
                                     Shoes- Asos Similar.

                                    Kariba’s Dress-Asos,  
                                    Necklace- Zara, 
                                    Shoes- River Island.

                                                                         *Apologies for the bad quality/lighting..