Our Big Fat Nigerian Wedding

I keep meaning to blog...

The title may suggest that I got married over the weekend but I did not... lol. These past weeks have been the most tedious, joyous and beautiful weeks of my life. My sister got married (yayyyy!). 

*sidebar- If you're an avid follower of my blog, you may remember the post that introduced her boyfriend at the time.

I got into Port-Harcourt two days to her traditional wedding due to an unexpected cancelation of my Port- Harcourt flight. (We were unfortunately re-routed to Lagos as that was the only availability they had to Nigeria on an affiliate flight on such short notice. I was extremely disappointed as this caused me to miss the turn up before the first wedding. 

On a livelier note, her traditional wedding was done in Bayelsa state and it was a great success. On every "outing" she had a different cultural attire (I am still contemplating favourites), there was a variety of food and drinks and my sister danced into the night. Ayotunde, her husband, looked regal and Spiffy! It was an amazing day. 

  • Outfit one - It was my first experience at a Bayelsan wedding so I'll try to narrate. Her first appearance was the "confirmation". Now I am not quite sure what it is called in the "Nembe" tradition or what the literal meaning is but I know she had to formally acknowledge that she indeed knew the man and was happy to be his wife. We sang into the room where both families had been sat discussing issues I may never come to understand and she said "Yes" to all questions asks. We cheered and danced back. Iria-- bo a!

The beading on this blouse tho

Her first outfit was a peach blouse, oxblood/burgundy wrapper and 3 coral stones neckpieces, coral stones earrings and a coral beaded cap to compliment. I thought this look was perfect till I saw the second look.

The groom looked magnificent in his Yoruba attire

He wore what is popularly known as an "agbada". A three piece fit worn popularly by yoruba men of affluence.


"Is this the man?"

Listening attentively, she answered in the affirmative.

  • Outfit two - The second outing was so much fun, I'll like to call this stage the "recognition" until I find a more suitable word. They had two maidens dressed in cultural attire dance out with veils on their heads, at this stage the idea was for the husband to show that he recognised the wife he had come to marry (at this point the bride price had been paid)

 The second look consisted of a mix of colours, patterns and textures. It was perfectly complimented by white coral stones. This is a typical Nembe (Nigerian tribe) look.


Waiting for his "spec"

The Unveiling 

Bride and Groom's mums pray for them

 They danced in celebration for a while then she went for her final change.

  • Outfit three- Her third outfit signified the cross in cultures, it was the classic 'buba and iro" with the "gele" to compliment. She had began the day as a Nembe maiden and concluded as a Yoruba Bride

 Photo Cred- Lumi Morgan

Her amazing friends came from far and wide to celebrate with her.

Snapchatted it all! aispiff on the snaps

Gained a brother :D :D

                                                                                                                                                               Photo Cred- Lumi Morgan