#Weddingsaturday #Lagoslife.

There’s a wedding every weekend in Lagos and “Lagosians” are up to par with jollification. Lagosians sometimes attend more than one wedding each weekend, going from hall to hall celebrating with each couple and wishing them the best. The Lagos life is fast, busy and energetic, weekdays are workdays and the weekend begins on Friday. On my visit, I tagged along with my sister Kariba to one of the infamous Saturday weddings and had a jolly good time. Enjoy! 


                                     My Blouse- Virgos Lounge Similar,
                                     Skirt-Asos Similar,
                                     Shoes- Asos Similar.

                                    Kariba’s Dress-Asos,  
                                    Necklace- Zara, 
                                    Shoes- River Island.

                                                                         *Apologies for the bad quality/lighting..


You know how you fall in love with the perfect lipstick and it becomes your "shade"? Well that was how it was with me and The Body Shop colour glide 58 Magenta Glow. 

The Body Shop is popularly known for their body butters and spritz, my love affair with this shade started in 2009 when I lived in London. I tagged along with my friend to get her favourite body butter and decided to try on a shade as she went through the shop. I swatched and swatched and finally chose the magenta glow as I thought it went perfectly with my skin tone and it fast became my signature shade. One day I decide to spontaneously pop into the store to grab some more as it had become like a tradition for me and was advised to check online as it had been discontinued. I ran home to my pc and to my dismay it had been removed from the selection, I wrote to the store appealing to them to bring back my shade..lol.. they apologised for removing it and gave me13 contact numbers of outlets in the UK and suggested that I call them all. Long story short, I ended up in Essex to purchase the last few in the country (have it in mind that I had moved away from London and was living up north). Towards the end of my supply I decided to try on other shades from other brands and discovered my trusty Rebel by Mac and Rimmel London Funtime Fuchsia in 320.

After discovering these new shades, I am now warming up to trying new exciting colours and have been slightly put off my favourite shade. The point I am trying to reach is that cosmetic shops are never reliable as they randomly decide to discontinue products so instead of automatically attaching yourself to particular products, have a number of favourites and make an unattainable attainable. Enjoy.