Summer time fine!!!!

It’s a beautiful day to be alive!! Its summer guys and I'm super excited about the warm weather. Went visiting and decided to make a blog post out of it. Enjoy! 

Dress - Asos 
Denim Jacket - Asos
Shoes - Zara men


                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo cred:Ib George 


MITCH said...

the pink dress looks cute on you! ^^


Nengi Spiff said...

Thanks Mitch :).xx

jakosan said...

nice outfit :)))

xx teenj

Bowie Mok said...

Gorgeous dress! You fit into Zara men's shoes? Jealous, Some of their sneakers are gorgeous.

Nengi Spiff said...

Thanks J xx

Nengi Spiff said...

haha thanks, the secret it to buy a size smaller. :) xx

Christina Chan said...

Super cute dress xx